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The history of the Rocky Mountain Horse dates back to around 1890 when a gaited chocolate stud colt from the Rocky Mountain region of the United States was brought to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. He was extensively bred to the local saddle mares and his offspring were the local people's choice for versatility, smooth gait, sure-footedness, sensibility, and calm temperaments. 

This Rocky Mountain Stud Colt of 1890 was the foundation stallion of the breed and the great grandsire of TOBE, a chocolate stallion owned by Sam Tuttle of Spout Springs, Kentucky. From the 1940s through the 1970s, TOBE was the primary breeding stallion used in this area, and he is credited with perpetuating the breed as we know it today. The picture to the bottom is one of the few in existence of Sam Tuttle with his beloved Tobe in their elder years. 

Many times in the past, numbers of Rockies had declined to near extinction, but through the efforts of people like Sam Tuttle and Rea Swan, the breed is preserved and growing stronger in numbers today. Rea Swan of Lexington, Kentucky is credited with the founding of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association and Registry in 1986.  

Rockies are still being bred today for qualities that the Rocky Mountain Stud Colt of 1890 was renowned for. Their versatility is historic and their popularity is growing. 

Picture of Sam Tuttle & Stallion "Tobe"


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